Future-proof – Mobility concept for Berlin TXL

Being mobile is part of modern life. But with the worldwide growth of cities traffic is reaching its limits: Its emissions put a strain on climate and health, parking spaces take up one fifth of public space and yet are still in short supply, while in big cities motorists spend up to three- quarters of an hour each day caught up in traffic jams. Berlin TXL offers solutions for the mobility of tomorrow – environmentally friendly, conserving resources, and with a high quality of life for all. Mobility hubs and convenient bicycle lanes make the Schumacher Quartier residential district largely car-free. In the Urban Tech Republic’s innovation park, researchers and corporations collectively develop and test new mobility concepts – from vehicle-sharing services, through multi-modal transport of passengers and goods to autonomous driving.

Wide bicycle lanes and bicycle fast lanes

In Berlin TXL switching from the car to other modes of transport will be an attractive idea. At the Urban Tech Republic’s research and industry site, cycling and pedestrian traffic are given paramount importance through a close-knit network of paths. The cycling infrastructure will offer a high standard of safety. Wide bicycle lanes are planned allowing easy overtaking or even cycling side by side. Junctions and roundabouts are clearly laid out. Two bicycle highways will cut through the project area and intersect in the Urban Tech Republic.

In addition, the innovation park will be made accessible through two main roads to meet the transportation needs of industry and commercial users. The traffic is distributed via roundabouts at three main junctions in the south, west, and east.

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