Berlin TXL - The meeting place for young entrepreneurs, students, investors, manufacturers, and scientists

It is nice when you have a great idea. It is even nicer when you meet someone who can implement it well. And the nicest thing is when there is someone around who thinks of a way to make the idea even better. That is why young entrepreneurs, students, investors, manufacturers, and scientists are meeting at Berlin TXL. This will allow them to learn from one another and come up with new ideas together.

This is the basic concept behind the Urban Tech Republic. And this is where our democratic ambition comes in. There is no better place for this than the German capital. Every idea can be tried out here. That is how these ideas will ultimately find their way – into the cities of the future. All around the world.



Would aliens land in the USA? Not if they knew about Berlin.

Wild, loud, creative, diverse, intense, inspiring, exciting. In a single word: Berlin. Everyone wants to be here. The international metropolis radiates creativity and is a magnet for new talent. And no wonder: there's always something going on here. The city is constantly changing, and there is something new popping up wherever and whenever you take a look. Ideas, networks, companies; in backyards and factories, online, and in cafés.

With 49 universities, 70 research institutions, and 22 technology parks and innovation centers, you will not find as many qualified and motivated young people anywhere else in Germany. And you will not find more new companies founded anywhere else.

Now is the time to become part of the new Berlin.

Smart City Berlin

There is hardly a better location than Berlin suited to serve as a lively laboratory for efficient infrastructure, digital networking, environmentally sustainable mobility, creativity, and work–life balance.

How will we humans live in the future? How will we travel? How will we use our scarce resources? How can we reach our climate protection goals? Nowhere else in Germany do so many people live together as in Berlin; the core themes of the Urban Tech Republic can be implemented throughout the entire city. And no other city has such international attention: projects and ideas that are researched, developed, and implemented here are seen by the entire world.

The Berlin Senate Chancellery adopted the Smart City Berlin strategy in April 2015. Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic is the key project of Smart City Berlin. Universities, research institutions, and companies will be connected here to develop the cities of tomorrow together. The technologies that are being developed and produced at Berlin TXL will be used not only in a growing Berlin but also in other smart cities around the world.


Actively shaping Berlin as a smart city are amongst others:

Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO

The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO is the central focal point for electromobility in the capital region.

Berliner Zukunftsorte

In contrast to other major cities, Berlin has a broad range of developing sites for business and industry with a high development potential on offer. Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic is one of these Future Locations.


Berlin is a paradise for students. And for recruiters. 

Berlin is the capital of higher education institutions and thus a magnet for students, who are made to feel very welcome here. Investments in research and development are at 3.6% of total expenditure, far above the national average. With more than 171,000 students, Berlin has a highly qualified workforce. A total of 5,000 students will populate the new campus at Berlin TXL. To exchange ideas and network. To discover new things. And to be discovered.


An airport is where business people come and go. No change, then, for Berlin TXL.

Berlin is a city that reinvents itself on a daily basis. The city isn't just attracting more visitors by the day. It's also increasing interesting for entrepreneurs. Nowhere else in Europe is so much venture capital being invested in start-ups.

There is more than enough room for them at Berlin TXL, which has space for up to 1,000 companies. Start-ups will find university researchers and industrial companies; students will find engineers – and new concepts based on extensive experience. Something completely new is being created. Berlin is the capital of start-ups. And this will continue to be so. How does this sound? Berlin – successful and sexy. 

Access to Berlin TXL

Berlin is at the heart of Europe – and TXL at the heart of Berlin.

Industrial areas are often a little out of the way. It is difficult to get there and back – if people even manage to find them in the first place. Berlin TXL is different. It offers a huge, modern industrial area right in the middle of the city. With the full infrastructure of an airport. And cool, iconic architecture.

Built as a global transportation hub and used by more than 20 million travelers annually. With direct access to the highway. Located 15 minutes from the city center and the federal government district. With a specialised workforce the size you would expect from a city like this. It only takes 30 minutes to reach Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER).

Berlin TXL is an international address that is easy to reach. And that everyone knows. This will be true in the future as well. 


Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic is situated in the district of Reinickendorf. Offering excellent infrastructure and appealing surroundings, Reinickendorf is equally popular for working and living.

Find out more on (German site).

Area Plan Berlin TXL

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