A very special place in Berlin

In the Urban Tech Republic students, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and scientists meet in order to learn from one another and create something new together. This is the basic idea of the Urban Tech Republic (UTR), and the German capital is exactly the right place for it. Berlin is in a state of constant flux and something new is being created everywhere. 49 higher education institutions, 70 research centers, 22 technology parks, and almost 200,000 students – nowhere else in Germany are there so many motivated and qualified young people. And nowhere else is so much venture capital being invested in start-ups and so many new companies being formed.

Industrial zone and science campus in iconic architecture

The UTR benefits from this setting and from the specific location within Berlin. Industrial zones are often located a short distance away from the city. People cannot get there, and even if they find it, people cannot get out. But it is different with Berlin TXL. A giant modern industrial zone with a huge science campus is being created here in the middle of the city. With complete airport infrastructure and against a backdrop of iconic architecture. You’re in the city center in 15 minutes and you’re at the Berlin international airport (BER) in 30.

Nowhere in Germany other than in Berlin do so many people live together. So many skilled professionals live here close together, something that only a great metropolis can offer – and here is where the key ideas of the Urban Tech Republic are put into practice throughout the whole city. Furthermore, no other city receives this amount of international attention: What is being researched, developed, and put into practice here is seen by the entire world.

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