FUTR HUB – The center of expertise for urban data

The intelligent digitalization of cities improves the quality of life, saves resources, and makes urban living and management more sustainable. Berlin TXL is assuming a pioneering role for Germany’s capital as it moves towards becoming a Smart City. To do this, Berlin TXL’s Smart Districts need not only a digital infrastructure, but also places for innovation and a network of partners for the practical and secure use of urban data. The digital infrastructure for Berlin TXL and smart cities worldwide is being developed in the FUTR HUB, the center of expertise for urban data.

Centerpiece of the FUTR HUB: The platform for urban data

The central infrastructure of the FUTR HUB is a data platform that will collect, link, and present urban data. Urban data can be gathered for instance from sensors in building ventilation systems, traffic lights, and charging stations. On the basis of a geodata infrastructure, as is mentioned in the planning documents for Berlin TXL, the system is brought together with an IoT system step by step and then further developed into a comprehensive data platform around issues such as energy, mobility, and smart nature. All urban data are integrated in terms of perspective by Berlin TXL.

The FUTR HUB as center of expertise

The data platform is Berlin TXL‘s central technical IT infrastructure. Moreover, it goes without saying that the FUTR HUB will be a comprehensive center of expertise in data solutions. For that reason, it will be absolutely essential to include stakeholders in the FUTR HUB so that entrepreneurs will be able to develop user-oriented value-added services in conjunction with them. With the data platform as the centerpiece, the FUTR HUB comprises five components in all: Development partnership, apps, showroom and lab.

[Translate to English:] Grafik mit den Elementen Entwicklungspartnerschaft, Apps, Datenplattform. Showroom und Lab.
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