Berlin TXL. Democratic since 2008.

What will happen to Berlin TXL when the airport is closed? This question has been discussed intensely since 2008 with broad public involvement. As part of a multi-level, discursive workshop process, six international teams of architects, city planners, and landscape planners worked out ideas that were then developed further with other experts and interested members of the Berlin public over the course of several site conferences.

In 2011, the state of Berlin announced the results of the planning process, naming a corresponding development plan. In another workshop process with the planning teams, the master plan was developed in 2012 and enacted by the state of Berlin in 2013. The construction planning process was initiated at the same time so that the two owners, the federal government (Institute for Federal Real Estate (BImA)) and the state would have binding construction planning authority for the future use of the airport when it was handed over.


June 26, 1963: John F. Kennedy lands at Berlin- Tegel. Shortly thereafter, he declared himself to be a citizen of Berlin. That is how it goes for a lot of people. Everyone is supposed to have visited this city at least once. And most of them landed at Berlin TXL.

And it has not just been politicians, titans of business, and rock stars who came here: for 20 million people a year, Berlin TXL was the gateway to the world. Those who plan their future here do so in a place with a magnificent past.

The best foundation for the future
is a glorious past.

About Tegel Projekt GmbH

We are turning Berlin TXL into an innovation park for urban technologies. And a new residential quarter.

Tegel Projekt GmbH has been entrusted by Land Berlin with management responsibilities for Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic, and the Schumacher Quarter. The state-owned company has 36 employees (March 2019), and is working on the further development of the master plan, the brand development, planning for the building construction, the technical and transport infrastructure and energy services, as well as operative preparations and the public promotion of the project.

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