The former Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin to grow.

The former Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin to grow. Emerging here is an industrial and research park for urban technologies: “Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic”. Berlin is reclaiming a piece of the city and creating spaces for industry, business, and science. And it will be located just 15 minutes from the seat of government of Europe’s most important industrialized nation.

The innovation park aims to keep this 21st century booming metropolis going. This will be the place where urban technologies are researched, developed, produced, tested, and exported. This will be the place where science and research meet industry and businesses, and where start-ups meet investors. And they are all working together on the solutions for the cities of tomorrow.
The curated site will contain six urban tech core themes:

  • net-zero energy systems and efficient use of energy
  • environmentally friendly transportation
  • clean water 
  • recycling
  • use of new materials for applications such as sustainable construction
  • networked control of systems

In the immediate vicinity of the Urban Tech Republic a smart residential district – Schumacher Quartier – will be developed with more than 5,000 homes for more than 10,000 people. And an additional 4,000 homes are being planned in the neighboring districts of Cité Pasteur and TXL Nord. The total area of Berlin TXL (including districts and landscape park) covers a total surface area of 5 km2 (1,236 acres) - which is about five percent of the metropolitan area of Paris.

Timeline implementation

  • August 2021: Acquisition of the grounds by Tegel Projekt GmbH
  • December 2021: agreement upon the development plan for the central Campus area
  • Beginning 2022: Installation of site logistics, construction roads and start of civil engineering works; leases for interim uses in the existing buildings in tandem with restoration and reconstruction; allocation of land
  • Beginning 2027: Completion of major part of restoration work; accommodation of the Berliner Hochschule für Technik in Terminal A, of the Foundation and Technology Center in Terminal B, and of the Berlin Fire Department and Rescue Services Academy in the hangars
  • Development of the overall project in four construction phases up to around 2040


Total area comprising 202 ha
Of which:
Construction area 147 ha
Landscape zone and green area 27 ha
Traffic area 28 ha
Total area comprising Total area comprising
202 ha 202 ha
Total area comprising Of which:
202 ha
Total area comprising Construction area
202 ha 147 ha
Total area comprising Landscape zone and green area
202 ha 27 ha
Total area comprising Traffic area
202 ha 28 ha
Areas for industry, trade and science
Campus 39 ha
Business Belt 70 ha
Industrial Park 82 ha (Berlin's largest contiguous inner-city industrial site)


Workforce up to 20,000
Students5,000 (of which 2,500 at Berliner Hochschule für Technik)
Companiesup to 1,000
Gross value added in Berlin TXL1.6 billion euros p. a. (with 18,000 jobs)
Gross value added for Berlin 2.6 billion euros p. a. (impact on the gross value added in Berlin in total with 18,000 jobs in Berlin TXL)
Tax effects in Berlin state (through development of Berlin TXL) 160 million euros p. a.


Tegel Projekt GmbH Urban Tech Republic, Gebäude V Flughafen Tegel 1 13405 Berlin Phone: +49 30 577 1401 0 e-mail: Instagram: @BerlinTXL Youtube